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Your 'Bag Verified' 

Now, it's your turn to delve into the world of sophistication, connection, and extraordinary experiences. Come and explore the lifestyle for yourself.

The Bag Verified™ - Certified Only by American Entrepreneurs and "The Bag" Association

Membership approval is contingent upon the verification of your entrepreneurial status through a referral or If you were not referred the submission of your social media profiles or website link to the number below.

VIP Membership and Luxury Service for $100 a month

Embrace the exclusive privileges and unparalleled opportunities that await you as an USH Entrepreneur Member. Embark on a journey of growth, collaboration, and success.

USH is currently offered in Las Vegas (LVSH)

Host A USH Group In Your City

  • LOCAL BENEFITS:  $600/ $100

  • Membership Includes but is not limited to...VIP Entry, VIP Service, Members VIP Guest List

  • Gain exclusive entry to city to city monthly social events,

  • The privilege to extend invites to three guests per month or sell your social event tickets (valued at $25 per-ticket) a $5 transfer fee will apply. Submit guests name and number for guests list

  • Add a VIP membership for $50 a month. A great offer

  • Discounted rates on select business services from our trusted partners

  • Exclusive networking events featuring industry leaders, investors, and fellow entrepreneurs

  • Make USH Fortune 500 entrepreneur list: Receive recognition, gifts and rewards.

  • NATIONAL BENEFITS:  $900/ $50

  • lifestyle adventure & events: retreats, concerts, golfing, skiing and more. Whats Included:

  • National- 3 day lifestyle  events ( To be announced)

  • National events tickets are transferable or sell your tickets (valued at $125 per-ticket) a $25 transfer fee will apply. Submit guests name and number for guests list.

  • National events Day & Night Parties, Workshops and seminars.

  • Priority access to workshops, seminars, and masterclasses led by industry experts

  • Exclusive networking events featuring industry leaders, investors, and fellow entrepreneurs

  • Exclusive networking events featuring industry leaders, investors, and fellow entrepreneurs


Upon joining, you'll receive a special introductory price for your membership. This exclusive rate will be maintained (grandfathered in) as long as your membership remains active. Monthly payments will be processed automatically. You can cancel anytime. However, failure to receive your payment within 15 days may result in the revocation of your special offer rate. If you cancel your membership and later rejoin, you'll be required to pay the prevailing membership rates. Please note that airfare, rental car, hotel and meals are not included, and you'll need to make your own arrangements. Some events may have additional fees. All sales and memberships are final. No refunds. We are happy to have your guests, but please remember that you are responsible for their behavior. Thank you for your understanding.

Factors leading to the termination of your Upscale Social House membership include:

1. Violation of Anti-Sexual Harassment Policies 2. Engagement in Intoxication Beyond Acceptable Limits 3. Involvement in Drug Use or Possession 4. Acts of Discrimination or Harassment towards Others

Terms and Conditions By choosing to become a member, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions